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Joy Systems 


Joy Systems can help you recover value from your end-of-life-computer equipment. We purchase over 30,000 computers each month for refurbishing. We offer:

  • The most competitive pricing. We aren't a broker or agent; we buy your computers, refurbish them, and resell direct to US consumers, schools, and businesses.
  • Fast, worry-free pick-up. If you're in the New York / New Jersey / Pennsylvania Tri-State area, we'll arrange a speedy pick-up with minimal packing requirements.
  • Secure data removal. Your equipment is processed end-to-end at a single location. We provide documentation of data removal.
  • Environmental peace-of-mind. 95% of the desktops, laptops, and monitors we receive are refurbished and resold. If we can't refurbish your equipment, we arrange for responsible recycling.


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