joy systems refurbished computers

Why Recertified is Better Than New.

Schools are under constant pressure to tighten budgets while extending technology to more students. Recertified computers from Joy Systems are the perfect solution. For a fraction of the price of new equipment, recertified computers offer 100% of the performance that your students and faculty need. No matter what your technology plan, there's a Joy Systems computer that's right for your school.


Some reasons why refurbished might be right for your organization:


Equipment that's tried and true.

Often times, it's difficult to know if a certain new model on the market has any inherent flaws until thousands of consumers have bought and tested the product. All of ours have already undergone this process, so you can trust that they are truly durable and reliable. Pre-vetted, de-bugged, and tailor-made for you.


Better for your bank account.

...By a lot. Our customers gain significant savings when buying refurbished products over newly manufactured ones. After all, we do offer our products anywhere from 30-60% less than any new model currently on the market. Savings like that mean greater flexibility for you elsewhere. What could you or your team do with that money?


The environment will thank you.

Did you know that each year, Americans produce 3.42 million tons of electronic waste? By buying refurbished products, you're helping bring that number down. In 2012, 29% of all e-waste (1 million tons) was recycled or reused, and together, we can make that number even greater. 



Buy With Confidence.

Joy Systems starts with the highest-quality business-class computers acquired off-lease from partners including HP Financial Services, Dell Financial Services, and IBM Credit Corporation. Our inspection and refurbishing process exceeds industry standards and ensures a like-new experience.

All Joy Systems computers sold to schools are covered by a 1-year warranty. All equipment is serviced at our facility in central New Jersey.

Take your IT dollar further with Joy Systems.

Whether you need a new laptop or a complete upgrade, contact us to find out what Joy Systems can do for you.